SEP's 25th International Conference

Opportunities and Risks of Hyperconnected Journalism


The Spanish Journalism Association (SEP) and the Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) are organizing the SEP's 25th International Conference in Bilbao (Bizkaia Aretoa venue), 30 and 31 May 2019. With the title Opportunities and Risks of Hyperconnected Journalism this event proposes scrutiny of the importance of the profession of journalist in the current media scenario, often defined and felt as a disruptive one. In this scenario, journalism is ready and waiting for the opportunities that technological innovation can offer when it comes to connecting with audiences and their needs. At the same time we are in a professional and business situation that is facing difficulties and uncertainties of different kinds - financial, educational, etc. All this has an influence and can interfere with the attitudes and commitment that journalists show every day as they confront the world through the decisive processes of topic selection, mediation, etc. As a profession, journalism today depends on a great variety of voices and parameters of behaviour that are often very different from those that have traditionally defined the profession (fake news, influencers, etc.).

Given this context, the SEP's 25th International Conference seeks to promote a critical review of the main areas that in recent years have determined the constant development of, and condition of crisis in, journalism and by extension its essence and values. In order to do this, the event will feature outstanding Spanish and international conference speakers and is open to academics and professionals at different parallel sessions. These forums will be organized based on four themes which will aim to respond to the main trends in the industry today as regards the model of communication between the media and citizens; the substantial processes of publishing, dissemination and reception of content (transmedia, liquid narratives, data journalism, 3D formats, etc.); as well as professional dynamics, management strategies and values (personal brand, media labs, robotization of writing, start-ups...). As with previous events, this SEP conference will be an exceptional and specialized forum that offers active professionals, researchers and educators the chance to share expert views on possibilities for continuous improvement in journalism in the context of multiple hyperconnections in which we must work in, analyze and teach this brave and enterprising profession.


Organising committee
Ainara Larrondo (Director), Simón Peña (Dean of the Social Sciences and Communication Faculty).

Members of 'Gureiker' (IT1112-16) Consolidated Research Group of the Basque University System (A): Ainara Larrondo (Main researcher), Simón Peña, Koldo Meso, Jesús Ángel Pérez Dasilva, Terese Mendiguren, Irati Agirreazkuenaga and Leire Eguskiza Sesumaga
Department of Journalism II

Academic committee

SEP Members: Ainara Larrondo (Dir.), José Ignacio Armentia, Simón Peña, Koldo Meso, Flora Marín, María Ganzabal, Ana Mendieta, María del Mar Rodríguez, Iñigo Marauri.

Scientific committee

Fernando López Pan (UNAV), Josep María Casasús (UPF), Salomé Berrocal (UVA), María Teresa Sandoval (UC3M), María Ángeles Cabrera (UMA), Luis Miguel Pedrero Esteban (USAL), Xosé López García (USC), Berta García Orosa (USC), Andreu Casero (UJI), José María Legorburu (CEU San Pablo), Ramón Salaverría (UNAV), José Alberto García Avilés (UMH), Elvira García de Torres (CEU San Pablo), Eva Campos (UVA), Javier Díaz Noci (UPF), Guillermo López García (UV), Pere Masip (URL), Concha Edo Bolós (UCM), Mark Deuze (University of Amsterdam), Joao Canavilhas (University of Covilha), Philip Schlessinger (University of Glasgow), Leopoldina Fortunati (University of Udine), Nicoletta Vittadini (University of Milano), Steve Paulussen (University of Antwerp), Helle Sjøvaag (University of Stavanger).




9:00-09:30. Bizkaia Aretoa entrance Hall (Main floor)
Greeting attendees and registration
9:30-10:00. Baroja Room (2nd floor)
Opening event. Speakers: Salomé Berrocal Gonzalo, President of the Spanish Journalism Association; Simón Peña Fernández, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences of the UPV/EHU.
10:00-11:30. Baroja Room (2nd floor)
Opening lecture: "Periodismo 3.0: recuperar el norte", by Michaëla Cancela-Kieffer, journalist and Teaching Fellow at Google News Lab Spain-liaison between Google News Lab and Spanish and Portuguese media (May 2018/April 2019). Moderator: Josep María Casasús i Guri, journalism professor at Pompeu Fabra University and founding member of the SEP
11:30-12:00. Coffee break (Terrace, 1st floor)
12:00-13:30. Papers presentation. Parallel Sessions 1 (Arriaga room, 2nd floor), 2 (Baroja room, 2nd floor), 3 (Oteiza room, 1st floor) and 4 (Elhuyar room, main floor)
13:30-15.30. Lunch for participants (Terrace, 1st floor)
15:30-17.00. Papers presentation. Parallel Sessions 5 (Arriaga room, 2nd floor) and 6 (Oteiza room, 1st floor)
16:00-17.00. Elhuyar Room (Main floor)
General Meeting of SEP members
17:00-18.30. Baroja Room (2nd floor)
Round table of experts: "Innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship: opportunities and risks at Spanish media" (Fernando Belzunce -Vocento-, Alfredo Casares -Diario de Navarra-, Miriam Hernanz -RTVE-, Patricia Gosálvez -El País- and Lontzo Sainz -EITB-). Moderator: Jesús Coterón (President of the Basque Journalists' Association).
18:30-19:00. Coffee break (Terrace, 1st floor)
19:00-20:30. Papers presentation. Parallel Sessions 7 (Arriaga room, 2nd floor), 8 (Elhuyar room, Main floor), 9 (Baroja room, 2nd floor), 10 (Oteiza room, 1st floor), and 11 (Etxepare, 1st floor)
21:00. Conference dinner
(Reservation and payment necessary)
09:30-11:30. Papers presentation. Parallel Sessions 12 (Arriaga room, 2nd floor), 13 (Baroja room, 2nd floor) and 14 (Oteiza room, 1st floor)
11:30-12:00. Coffee break (Terrace, 1st floor)
11:30-13:30. Elhuyar Room (Main floor)
VIII Meeting of Communication Journals Editors (PLATCOM, Plataforma Latina de Revistas de Comunicación-Latina Platform for Communication Journals)
12:00-13:30. Baroja Room (2nd floor)
Closing lecture: "Beyond Journalism: Operationalizing the Future of the Profession". Speaker: Prof. Mark Deuze of the University of Amsterdam. Moderator: Berta García Orosa, senior lecturer in journalism, Univertsity of Santiago de Compostela (USC)
13:30-14:30. Baroja Room (2nd floor)
6th Lorenzo Gomis Prize award ceremony and closing event of the SEP's 25th International Conference. Speakers: Salomé Berrocal Gonzalo, Chair of the Spanish Journalism Society and Simón Peña Fernández, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences of the UPV/EHU
14.30. Closing lunch (Terrace, 1st floor)
16.30/17.00. Trip along the river estuary (Ría), 'Ibai Alai' passenger boat
(Reservation necessary)


The Spanish Journalism Association (SEP) and the University of the Basque Country encourage researchers and professionals to participate at the 25th International Conference as:

  • Speakers (presenting a paper)
  • Attendees, non-speaking


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